3 Things A CEO Should Not Delegate

3 Things A CEO Should Not DelegateDelegating can be seen as an ugly word in the eyes of CEOs worldwide, yet delegating is something all CEOs and managers must do in order for their companies to be successful. Delegating effectively isn’t a cut-and-dry proposition; it is a skill that is learned which some CEOs can find difficult.

Delegating effectively means taking the time to explain things fully and how the task fits into the business strategy. A CEO should never assume an employee will have knowledge of this.

Here are three things a CEO should never delegate.

Strategic vision and values

Sure, a CEO likely will collaborate with others on this and create a great plan for the company. But this task should never be outside the scope of the CEOs position. The CEO needs to provide and communicate the vision and goals the company stands for. Without this, any company stands the risk of being undermined, fragmented or lost. A CEO must own and communicate the vision of a company. This allows everyone to understand how their contribution is part of the corporate vision and make decisions that support it. A CEO should be able to clearly communicate the direction of the company, no matter whom they’re speaking to, be it employees, shareholders, or customers.

Building the culture

The right culture is critical in maximizing business performance, thus it should be a primary area of focus for every CEO. The company reflects the behavior and characteristics of the CEO, and that establishes the culture. By fostering an environment of open communication, the organization inherits a culture of open communication. It does not matter what is said or written, what a CEO does day in and day out, will define their company’s culture. Building a culture of trust is all about relationships, and those relationships are best built by establishing genuine connections. Giving employees “face time” is an important step to establishing relationships. If employees see you as showing genuine interest in them, they are more likely to follow your lead.

Hiring and firing

People are the key to any company’s success, and finding the right people to fit the company culture is critical. If a CEO has built the vision, values, and culture of the company, it seems only natural that he or she selects the people that will be inside the company. It is fine to have the organization select a few qualified candidates, but it should be the CEO who has the final say. This is especially true in a company of fewer than 100 employees. Conversely, if the old adage of “hire slow and fire fast” is true, than the CEO needs to be involved in this process as well. One bad employee can create a negative culture that spreads like wildfire. While it may be difficult to fire an employee, it could be devastating to keep him or her.

These are merely three of the many tasks a CEO should never delegate. Some are more obvious than others, and some require far more energy than others. If you’d like to discuss other responsibilities a CEO should never delegate, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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