5 Habits of Successful Executives and Why They Matter

06.06.16_5 Habits of Successful Executives and Why They Matter - NJWhat makes an executive successful? This question is top-of-mind for every mid-level manager with visions of the C-suite in their future. As it turns out, the daily habits of executives are reflective of their success. By mimicking these behaviors, aspiring executives can pave the path to the job they hope for.

They get up early 

There is something about those quiet, still moments in the morning that allows leaders to identify their priorities – both daily and long-term. Executives from the worlds largest companies are known to be up before 4:30 a.m. in order to get a head start on their day and, presumably, their competitors.

They exercise

In addition to better health, there are unexpected benefits from exercise that help executives perform better as leaders, including stress reductions, improved memory, and greater overall productivity. Executives bear an enormous amount of stress and regular exercise can improve their emotional health.

They don’t have all the answers

Many stakeholders in a company look to executives for the answers. One of the most important things successful executives do is build a culture where the right answers present themselves as quickly as possible. The best leaders take challenges in stride, knowing that remaining calm and leading with strength can help them overcome most difficult situations.

They are generous

Generosity comes in many forms – giving time, praise, or supporting a charity – and the best leaders are often also the most generous. Many top executives are quick to share credit with their teams and recognize a job well done, appreciating accomplishments big and small. These are the executives who inspire trust and command loyalty from their team.

They are experts

Leaders who inspire confidence know what they’re talking about. After all, knowledge is power. They’ve done their research and are prepared with facts and possibilities when stepping into a meeting or having a conversation. Subsequently, teams respond with trust and commitment. Top executives are never done learning about their organization and ways to improve it, and themselves.

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