5 Questions to Ask Your Employees

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We’ve all heard of the newlywed game, right? You answer a bunch of questions about your spouse to determine how much you know about the person whom you’ve just devoted the rest of your life. If you played a professional version with your employees, how do you think you’ll do? Do you know their short-term professional goals or if they’re happy in their position?

Not knowing these details about your employees could hurt your business and risk the loss of your employees. Most likely, there’s a silent don’t ask, won’t tell rule in your business; not everyone will offer up negative feedback to the boss. So it’s necessary to ask certain questions in order assess how you can hold on to all of your key players.


  1. Are you happy about coming to work every day?
  2. Asking your employees if they’re happy with their positions will allow you to see their immediate reaction to the question. It’s likely that they will be more upfront with you and you both can get straight to the point.

  3. Are you satisfied with your work-life balance?
  4. Your employees need to feel like they have a good work-life balance or they can start feeling overwhelmed, over-worked and under appreciated. We all have the occasional day that If you notice them in the office two hours late everyday for a prolonged period, it’s time to discuss what’s going on.

  5. Do you feel comfortable in this work environment?
  6. This is an important one. An employee’s comfort level can affect their productivity, creativity, and overall mood every day. It’s best to catch this fast so you can uncover the source of why the employee is uncomfortable and figure out how to resolve the problem.

  7. Are we providing you with opportunities to progress in your career
  8. No one wants to idle in the same position for ten years. Your employees need to understand their next step in the company so they can see that their career will continue to develop. Discuss how you can help them achieve their short-term and long-term professional goals.

  9. Would you refer a friend to work for our company?
  10. If their answer is no, there’s your red flag. If your employee doesn’t want their friends working for the company, chances are they don’t want to work there either. Now it’s your job to uncover why they’re unhappy at work and how you can rectify the situation.


Drilling employees with these questions in a 101 meeting with the boss may not be the best approach. Casually and appropriately work them into your conversations with your employees. You can even display a feedback box, so your employees can answer these questions anonymously.

Showing that you care about employee satisfaction can significantly affect how they feel about the company in which they devote 40+ hours a week.

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