5 Techniques for Creating A Sense of Ownership Among Employees

diversity business people discussion meeting board room conceptSometimes, it feels as though there are two types of employees: those who take pride in their role with a company and those who continually communicate that’s not in my job description. As business owners, we’ve all experienced both, and we know how uplifting it can be to work among a truly engaged team.

While it may not be possible to flip a switch for immediate results, there are techniques you can employ to develop a greater sense of ownership among your employees. In time, you’ll be able to weed out those who don’t fit with your energetic atmosphere and retain a staff of standout team members.

Analyze Organizational Satisfaction

There’s a snowball effect that begins with satisfaction. Employees who are highly satisfied with their jobs become more engaged. Engaged employees experience a sense of pride in their work. Employees with pride take ownership over their role. There are many ways business owners can build satisfaction among employees, but first, that business owner must understand where the barriers are. Whether you opt for professional assessments, anonymous surveys, or private conversations, take the first step and gather some data to analyze.

Evaluate Leadership Effectiveness

Employees will always have a hard time developing pride for their organization if they don’t trust in the abilities of their immediate supervisor and other managers. Take a look at whether each member of your management team inspires others, embodies the values of the company, encourages cooperation and collaboration, and serve as role models. If they don’t, consider establishing a training program to develop their skills.

Consider Fairness

Most employees can spot double standards from a mile away, and companies that don’t maintain consistency throughout the organization will have a hard time building a sense of ownership. Similarly, employees must trust that their company not only keeps their best interests in mind, but also the interests of the customers.

Determine Purpose

Especially with the Millennial Generation, employees need a sense of purpose to be fully engaged with their work. Today’s workforce will go above and beyond when they feel that their work means something.  By developing initiatives that get the company involved in the community and making sure each employee understands how his or her role furthers the company’s vision, you will see a fast and steady rise in their sense of pride.

Examine Growth Opportunities

An employee can love a company until the cows come home, but if there’s no way for them to grow within the company, they’re not likely to take ownership of their role. Gone are the days when an employee would spend his or her entire career with one or two companies. Now, employees expect to change roles every couple of years. Keep your valued employees in your company by outlining a clear growth path that is in line with their professional goals.

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