5 tips To Earn a C-Suite Level Job

If you want a C-suite level job, chances are you’ve had your eye on that position for some time. Middle management is an important stepping-stone to the C-suite, but it can also be an unforgiving position where you don’t want to be too long because of the way the position is viewed by senior managers.

It’s important to have a clear plan for breaking out of middle management and into the C-suite. Here are five tips to help with your transition.

Understand the difference between the two levels of management

The transition from middle manager to executive is seen as one of the hardest career moves you can make. Because of the shift in responsibilities and duties, you are forced to consider goals and issues from a different perspective. You are no longer focused on motivating the team; instead you are required to create organizational strategy while considering the desires of the board, which requires and enterprise-wide perspective.

Cultivate influential references

Candidates who have been recommended by influential contacts are 40 percent more likely to be offered a job over those who are not recommended by same group. If you want to transition from middle manager to executive, it’s crucial to build your network of influencers in the business. These influencers aren’t limited to those within your company and should come from the industry as a whole. It is important that these influencers know your goals.

Stay aware of your surroundings

By looking outside your company at the overall business landscape, you’ll be better prepared to make decisions that will benefit your company. No matter whether you’re a regional, national, global, public or privately held company, understanding how you fit into the industry as a whole will drive your future decisions.

Be self aware

Understanding your strengths is an often-overlooked part of becoming a successful leader. In order to become a true leader you must have a deep sense of self-awareness. By understanding yourself and how you best operate, you’ll be better able to build a successful, unified company.

Find a role model or mentor

Having a role model that is in the senior ranks of your organization is a great resource for advancing your own career. Learn as much as you can about their ascension to senior management. By understanding their path you’ll be able to better emulate it. Individuals with mentors are more likely to be promoted than those without a mentor. Being mentored is an effective way to prepare yourself for your future position in the C-suite.

Positioning yourself for a promotion to the C-suite can take many forms. The one constant is the need to have a plan. If you’d like to discuss strategies to help you reach the executive level, contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.

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