6 Essential Sales Tips for Successful Cold Calls

senior leadership with crossed arms in a call centerFor salespeople, it can be challenging to remain engaged and positive when making cold calls. For sales managers, the challenge becomes teaching techniques that will help boost the team’s success rate in order to maintain morale.

When making cold calls to potential customers, there are six essential tips to keep in mind.

Focus On The Client

In an initial call, all of the questions should be based around getting to know the prospect. Many salespeople make the mistake of believing that every call should be about pitching the company, but they are mistaken. Instead, learn about the needs and wants of the person on the other end of the line.

Have A Plan

A cold call is all about getting information from the prospect, so you can develop a sales pitch that will convert. Therefore, all of your questions should be carefully planned to maximize your results.

Throw Out The Script

Sales is very personal. By adhering to a script, salespeople quickly come across as inauthentic and robotic. Instead, begin your call by asking a provocative question about their business needs. Once they open up a little, you’ll have a much easier time getting additional information from them.

Don’t Attempt To Sell

It may seem unintuitive, but don’t try to sell on a cold call. Instead, focus your efforts on information gathering. A cold call is about getting to know the prospect and beginning to establish a relationship with him or her. This essential stage should never be rushed because once you are shut down, it’s impossible to get back in.

Remain Relaxed

By maintaining an approachable and relaxed demeanor, you’re more likely to keep your prospect relaxed and open. The most successful salespeople are those who are able to keep their prospects talking. The more people talk, the more valuable insights they provide into the factors that would motivate them to buy.

Listen To What The Customer Needs

The customer may not directly tell you what it would take for you to make the sale, but if you listen closely, that important bit of information will certainly be buried under the surface. Listen to the challenges they present and uncover their trigger benefits. Ultimately, that’s the goal of your cold call anyway.

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