how to avoid stagnation and rejuvenate your career

8 Steps to Rejuvenate Your Career

Many successful people come to a stage in their career where they think they are not growing enough anymore. This is a very common phenomenon, especially if one has risen fast in the same organization, changed jobs to a bigger role very often, or sought higher compensation than his or her peers. Some of the signs of career stagnation are: You are not being promoted at a pace in tune with the organizational growth, your compensation is not aligned with the industry standards, your role is not at the forefront of the organization’s focus areas, or you are not involved in strategic decisions being made at your level.

Here are structured 8 steps to change that and rejuvenate your career.

“Know Thyself”: Complete Your Personal Assessment – Industry-leading assessment tools like DISC and EQ help you get deeper insights into your behavioral and communications styles. These insights empower you to communicate with purpose, improve the quality of your relationships, and achieve higher performance.

Identify Your Values – Seek clarity on what you stand for as a professional and as an individual. Seeking clarity about your values will guide you to align your next career move.

Identify Your Starting Point – Take stock of where you are currently in your career and what stage you are in your life. Look at your income, how long you plan to work, location, working hours, travel, health, and work-life balance, etc. This becomes your baseline.

State Your Purpose – Reflect on your purpose, which might have evolved since you started the career. This takes time. This will be the beacon for you to plan your journey forward.

Identify Your Areas of Excellence – Find out the best skills that you have acquired so far. Which of these are the most relevant and valued in industry? This will guide you to a growth-oriented and rewarding career.

Identify Your Career Limiting Factors – What are the factors that you think limit your career – they could be a personality trait or a personal situation like travel restrictions or health issues. This gives you an important consideration to act on or accommodate for your career planning.

Create Your Personal Strategic Plan – Now you are ready with the inputs to make a career plan that includes your starting point, the goal, the vehicle, and the time-bound action plan. This enables you to plan and start your journey towards a rejuvenated career.

Define Solutions Using Your Gap Analysis – Armed with all these insights, it is time to go deeper into each area of the action plan and find specific solutions. This will be an implementation plan for you to start right away and rejuvenate your career.

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Suren works with the business owners and leaders of emerging businesses. He helps them achieve higher business performance. He specializes in creative growth strategies, sales excellence, pricing strategies, negotiations, and team management.

Suren brings knowledge and skills that he honed at Accenture, a SAS enterprise company, a global IT consulting services, and several startups. Suren has experience in Healthcare, Fintech, Agtech, and Telecom industries and in cultures across NA, Europe, and APAC. Recently as a Chief Revenue Officer, Suren led strategy, sales, marketing, and alliances to grow the valuation by 200% in less than a year.

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