Six Levers to Transform Your Business

  You finished the meeting with your accountant. He says that the business needs to change if you want to retire in 3-5 years. How can he say that! Where does he expect you to make the changes to the business? That’s it! You really need to sell this business, BUT you need to recover your “nest egg” for the future, first!   Six Levers   The above scenario is hypothetical. However, when faced with the need to transform, where … Read More

Burnout: When an Owner must change

After the 1982 NFL Football season, Dick Vermeil, head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, abruptly resigned. He had reached a point in his life where he could not continue. He was burned out. During the football season, Coach Vermeil routinely slept in a cot in his office 6 days per week. He was dedicated to his job and to his team. One Friday morning during the 1982 season, he drove to Veteran’s stadium and was so tired that he could … Read More

Prepare Your Brand For Sale

The day is finally here! The decision is made. You are going to put the business up for sale. Getting to this point required careful thought and was not an easy decision. However, now comes the hard part — how can you prepare the business for sale. One consideration for the sale of a business should be the brand. You spend 30 years pulling this business together and you would think that the brand is properly established. Why would we … Read More