Behavioral & Financial Assessments

Valuable tools to assess your current business situation and determine what you need to do to reach your goals. 

How Behavioral or Financial Assessments Can Help You

People are complicated.  We all have unique goals that are focused on achieving success in our careers, our financial status, our fitness and health, our family and friends, and our spiritual beliefs.  Often, the pursuit of achieving these goals conflict with each other, reduce our chances of success and can create stress.  Achieving a quality balance so as to satisfy all aspects of our being is yet another goal.

At FocalPoint, we use a variety of Behavioral Assessment tools that utilize
the science of DISC to truly identify how we can all become immediately
more effective.

Behavioral Assessments

Every one of us has unique skills, knowledge, experiences, habits and motivational drivers that will impact our success.  What if we could get a blueprint of ourselves and our team members that reveals the majority of all of the above factors?  That is what Behavioral assessments are all about. 

They provide us with vital information about a person so that we can harness and leverage their strengths, communicate with them more effectively and motivate them to perform at their very best.

Here are a few of the Behavioral Assessments we use with our clients and their teams: 

Management staff

Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, so they can develop strategies to meet the demand of the environment

Emotional Intelligence

“After assessing our staff,
implementing EQ training, and working on employees’ specific work strategies, we saw a 25% increase in annual profits.”

Skills Index

A complex or unclear sales strategy might be hindering your organization’s success.
Grow your company and generate customer loyalty by simplifying your sales approach.

The scientific evidence along with trained professional insights that our FocalPoint coaches deliver is incredibly impactful. Many of our clients are shocked at how accurate our assessments are and then are blown away once they learn how to leverage the results in their business and personal lives. Truly understanding how to harness our natural strengths and recognizing the strengths of others is a game-changer.  

Financial Benchmarking

Our Financial Assessments help our clients QUANTIFY their GAP, which in turn allows us to tangibly predict and track their progress. FocalPoint Finance offers five tools that help businesses quantify where they’re at, where they should be and offer strategies
to meet their goals.

The power of business coaching has always been about helping our clients define and close their GAPS. Determining where your business is now versus where you want or need it to be in the future. Your success is often measured on how well you can close that GAP.

FocalPoint Finance was created to help our clients QUANTIFY their GAP, which in turn allows us to tangibly predict and track your progress. FocalPoint Finance offers five tools that help businesses quantify and close their GAP:

  • Industry Benchmark Report financial and key performance metrics by industry code, geography and sales volume.
  • Comparative Benchmark Report the Industry Benchmark Report with your company’s data compared to the benchmark, including identifying is your company is in the top 10% or bottom 10% with tips to close the gap.
  • Narrative Benchmark Reportthe comparative report converted into plain English and graphs and additional industry analysis.
  • Projections Report 5-10 year projections of your business based on your company’s recent past history, includes income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, industry analysis and a valuation based on cash flows.
  • Brokers Opinion of Value report used by many business brokers to determine what your business would be worth if sold to a 3rd party, using 3 different valuation methods

Whether you are trying to close the GAP between your company’s performance and the industry average or you are trying to close the GAP between your current income and what you need to retire comfortably…these tools can help.

If you are business owner, corporate executive or passionate professional who is not satisfied with the status quo, a Certified FocalPoint Coach can help you realize a new level of business success. Using the globally proven FocalPoint performance strategies, your coach will help you discover new ways of approaching business issues, move past obstacles and accelerate your personal and business growth.

Any of our services can be customized to fit you or your business.
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