Navigating Your Way to be a Great Leader

For the vast majority of business owners and management personnel, the concept of leadership can be an elusive goal; an ongoing search for greatness that, unfortunately for many, ends in confusion, frustration and limited success. Indeed, research across the corporate world points to ineffective leadership as the culprit behind the demise of many business operations. For sure, thousands of books have been published on this topic, the majority of authors offering solid step-by-step guidelines that would – or should – … Read More

Ways to Generate Revenue: A video blog

The Revenue Growth Challenge: 7 Simple Ways to Increase Revenue As business owners, we are always on the lookout for ways to increase revenues. Sometimes it takes an inward look to see not what you’re missing, but what you have that you can expand on or do better with that makes the difference. Within your own processes, there are 7 ways to increase revenues. Make more sales: Look beyond your current customer base. How can you acquire more customers beyond … Read More

Back to “Communication” Basics

Effective communication transcends every aspect of our business and personal lives. What you are able to accomplish as a business person, parent, friend, educator, customer, client or supplier is highly dependent on your ability to get the message across.

In the Search for Clarity, Define Your Passion

By G.N. Covella FocalPoint Business Coach (Second in a Series on Clarity in the Workplace) In evaluating the elements that lead to a successful business operation, it is important that owners and management seek to close any gaps that might cloud a clear path to their ultimate success. Only by strategically addressing these gaps in such areas as time, team, revenue and planning can business owners effectively create a stress-free, high-powered business machine, an operation properly primed to succeed in … Read More

Why Should I Use Digital Marketing?…It’s More Than a Webpage and E-mail!

Digital Marketing…. We hear a lot of chatter about it and why it’s important. If you own your own business and are over the age of 40, the concept might sound both foreign and scary to you. What is it? How does it work? How can I use it? Who does it reach? You may be tempted to dismiss this as another Millennial fad but it’s not. As technology continues to impact on how and where we do business as … Read More

Six Levers to Transform Your Business

  You finished the meeting with your accountant. He says that the business needs to change if you want to retire in 3-5 years. How can he say that! Where does he expect you to make the changes to the business? That’s it! You really need to sell this business, BUT you need to recover your “nest egg” for the future, first!   Six Levers   The above scenario is hypothetical. However, when faced with the need to transform, where … Read More

The Law of Reciprocity

  Recently, I was asked by a very good client to speak to our networking group about “The Law of Reciprocity”. Brian Tracy defines this law simply as…”If you do something nice for me, I’ll do something nice for you. I feel obligated to reciprocate”. Some people believe that this is possibly the most important law of human nature. It forms the basis to solid relationships and it is the fundamental bedrock of any effective networking group.   Consider the … Read More

What Will it Take to Close the Gap Between Where a Company is and Where it Wants to Be?

  If our people are indeed our businesses’ true performance engine (Paul Kirby, The Bee Book), why is it that Forbes in 2014 reported that, in the vast majority of companies, fully two-thirds of their employees are either unengaged or actively dis-engaged? (The good news: in ‘world-class organizations’, the 2/3-1/3 ratio is reversed).   Or, to quote Jacob Morgan (The Employee Experience Advantage, 2016; The Future of Work, 2014) in his March 2017 HBR piece: “Why are “organizations … spending … Read More

Leadership: Do you have what it takes?

Get to know the 7 C’s of Leadership There are leaders everywhere, in every walk of life. Some are high profile and some working quietly behind the scenes. Some shine during times of success and others in the face of adversity. Some are effective and some are not. Brian Tracy introduced the 7 C’s of Leadership many years ago. They hold as true today as they did back then. Leadership is a choice… Here are the 7 C’s of Leadership…how … Read More

Embracing Change to Stay in the Game

Jim Collins, an author and lecturer on company sustainability and growth, wrote about his research with CEOs of various Fortune 500 companies on why some companies are successful and others aren’t in his book, Good to Great. He noted that good is the enemy to great. When things are “good enough”, we don’t strive to be great.. we are content… we miss clues or changes that are seen by our competitors who see us from a different perspective. People in organizations … Read More

Overcoming Stress in the Workplace

(First in a Series of Articles) As study after study clearly shows, unnecessary stress in the workplace is a leading cause of higher costs to do business and decreased productivity. In fact, a report published by puts the cost of stress in the workplace in America at a whopping $300 billion per year, representative of the impact on well-being, the cost of absenteeism and efficiency. While some employers may argue that stress is a necessary element in the workplace … Read More

Pyramid Power and Growing Your Business

Looking at the structure of your business as a pyramid is an important perspective. But, when we discuss pyramids in coaching, we’re not talking about some MLM scheme or a pyramid like the pyramid scheme of Bernie Madoff, but the actual shape and how it relates to creating a successful business. We use a pyramid as a guide on how to plan your business to achieve success. If you look at the pyramid, it has a wide base which makes … Read More

Burnout: When an Owner must change

After the 1982 NFL Football season, Dick Vermeil, head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, abruptly resigned. He had reached a point in his life where he could not continue. He was burned out. During the football season, Coach Vermeil routinely slept in a cot in his office 6 days per week. He was dedicated to his job and to his team. One Friday morning during the 1982 season, he drove to Veteran’s stadium and was so tired that he could … Read More

Prepare Your Brand For Sale

The day is finally here! The decision is made. You are going to put the business up for sale. Getting to this point required careful thought and was not an easy decision. However, now comes the hard part — how can you prepare the business for sale. One consideration for the sale of a business should be the brand. You spend 30 years pulling this business together and you would think that the brand is properly established. Why would we … Read More

How to Appeal to Millennials as a Small Business

There’s no way to avoid the fact that millennials are everywhere—in classrooms, the workforce and the marketplace. Knowing how to appeal and sell to millennials is essential for the survival of many businesses. With the rise of technology and online marketing, this generation is more aware of marketing gimmicks, requiring retailers to be more strategic and creative. Here are a few details to consider when targeting a millennial audience.   Millennials grew up in the Digital Age. For this reason, … Read More

4 Resources That Will Make Your Life Easier as a Business Owner

Every small business owner knows that growing a company isn’t an easy task and doesn’t usually happen overnight. It takes long hours, strategic planning and sometimes a lot of help from family and friends. From finances to marketing, your business has many components that take up a bulk of your time, even with the help of your staff. There are several resources you can use to relieve some of your stress and allow you to focus on growing your business … Read More

How to Earn Your Employee’s Trust

You put a lot of trust in your employees to produce quality work for your company, but do they trust you? When your employees feel that they have your faith and loyalty, they will give their best efforts to get the job done. Employee trust in management can greatly improve productivity, employee engagement, and employee retention. Here are a few ways you can build a foundation of trust between you and your employees.   Communicate Openly When communicating with your … Read More

Cost-Effective Tips for Starting a Business on a Budget

As you may have already come to realize, starting a business is not cheap. Not everyone can effortlessly launch a multi-million dollar corporation with a few hundred dollars and a great idea. Getting your business off the ground could mean cutting back on personal expenses and being savvy about how to make the most out of the resources you have.   Operate as a Sole Proprietorship Sole Proprietorship is the least expensive operating structure you can use to launch a … Read More

How to Encourage Teamwork to Increase Efficiency in Your Business

A football team is comprised of linebackers, receivers, guards and a quarterback. Despite their title, the players work together to meet one common goal—to score a touchdown. Your business can work according to the same dynamic. Encouraging teamwork throughout your business builds trust, stimulates creativity and improves efficiency. If two heads are better than one, think of what a team of five could conjure up during a quick brainstorming session. Use these methods to help your employees collaborate effectively, so … Read More

3 Steps to Catch Up On Work After the Holidays

  Getting back to work after the Holidays may not be easy. Once everyone is back from vacation, it’s likely that your inbox is full and your calendar is getting crowded with meetings. If you’re having trouble catching up with your workload, here are a few tips that will help you get back on track.   Review Last Year’s Business Plan Now is the perfect time to take a look at how your business performed in the previous year. Did … Read More

Why You Should Become a Business Coach

Company layoffs and early retirement packages are sometimes beyond your control, however, the next step is always in your hands. You could travel the world, move out of town, or you could share your years of experience with other business owners who need your help. Business coaches are in demand for a number of reasons; some entrepreneurs are so engrossed in their businesses that they can’t find time for their personal lives. They need help extracting themselves from their companies. … Read More

Networking 101: Get the Most Out of Industry Events as a Business Owner

Most job seekers and entry-level workers understand the impact a good connection can make on their careers; the same can be applied to business owners. Networking is a necessity, even after you’ve successfully launched your business. In some cases, ‘who you know’ could lead to new business ventures or an increase in your client roster. Following a few networking guidelines can significantly expand your list of contacts, and potentially connect you with your next business partner or client.   One … Read More

How to Increase Productivity at Company Meetings

As the leader of your business, you set a precedent for how your employees perform in the workplace. Facilitating a productive meeting goes hand in hand with good time management, and saves the company money. Although meetings are beneficial for brainstorming and addressing general concerns within the company, they are sometimes labeled as boring and unproductive. By creating and enforcing the right guidelines for your company meetings, you will see less yawning and more results in the conference room.   … Read More

7 Cost-Effective Ways to Market Your Business on a Budget

We’ve all heard that in business you have to spend money to make money. While this is true, it’s not always necessary to struggle with an unrealistic budget, especially if you’re running a startup. Marketing is essential to the success of a brand but that doesn’t mean it needs to be expensive. There are a vast number of effective ways to promote your company without borrowing from other areas of your operating budget.   1. Google+ Google+ is one of … Read More

Why Communication Plays a Crucial Role in the Workplace

Effective communication is an important factor in all of the basic functions of management. Communication allows managers to perform their jobs and help others perform theirs. It serves as a foundation for the many planning processes that happen in a business on a day-to-day basis. To run a business successfully, managers must be able to effectively communicate with their team to help achieve the company’s goals. Here are 3 ways that communication plays a major role in your business:   … Read More

3 Ways a Business Coach Can Make You a Better Leader

Like a mother bird watching over her baby birds in the nest, business owners vigilantly watch over their company’s profitability and growth. They continuously monitor and assess their own productivity, the marketplace, and what the competition is doing. But even the mother bird has to leave the nest to find food for the babies, leaving the nestlings alone without supervision. Sometimes, being the best leader you can be means letting go and allowing your business to run the way it’s … Read More

Understanding the Benefits: The Importance of Business Training Initiatives

Business training is a broad term that can cover a wide range of topics. Some training sessions take a couple of hours in a workshop setting, while others take several days as a seminar. Regardless of the format, business trainings that are tailored to your needs can launch your business to new heights. Some business owners are concerned about the cost of training seminars or the momentary delay on project deadlines, but the benefits of these sessions pay for themselves. … Read More

How To Leverage The 7 Essential Elements of Marketing Success

For many businesses, marketing and sales seem to go hand-in-hand. Marketing spreads awareness of and trust in a company’s products or services, so the sales team is able to close the sale. While some companies may find success by chance, most attain the results through a strategic marketing plan. That plan begins with a full understanding of The Marketing Mix. The Marketing Mix is made of up seven elements that every manager and communications professional must consider when making decisions … Read More

Understanding Business Credit for New Entrepreneurs

There’s no way around the fact that building a business takes money and resources. From the initial start-up capital to funds for expanding into new markets, entrepreneurs must understand how to access financing and plan ahead. Credit remains one of the most important forms of financing for new businesses, but common mistakes can end up standing between you and the money you need. Therefore, it’s essential to understand how to begin building your business credit from the moment you open … Read More

Building a High-Value Business to Support a Successful Exit Strategy

While you may not think about it until retirement begins to appear on the horizon, the value of your business plays a major role in your exit strategy. How you develop and position your company now will be an integral factor in the variety of options available to you when the time comes to step out of your leadership role. To maximize your exit strategy options, consider these business elements sooner rather than later. Reoccurring Revenue Whether we’re talking about … Read More

How To Hire And Retain Top Performers Without Raising Salary

Every successful business is built on a foundation of quality team members. Years ago, employees would stay with one company for most of their professional lives, but times have changed. In today’s business environment, employees regularly change positions after two or three years, leaving business owners wondering what they can do to stop the revolving door of staff turnover. To put it simply, modern employees want more than a paycheck. The values of today’s workforce are quite different than those … Read More

Leveraging the 6 Stages of the Consumer Buying Process

It can often feel like your customers’ purchasing decisions are random and unpredictable, but the truth is, there is a well-documented pattern to the consumer buying process. By understanding this process, you not only are able to better understand your customers; you are also able to create marketing and sales initiatives to support and guide them through the process. Step 1: Identifying the Problem Although some purchases are impulse-buys, the majority of sales are driven by the consumer’s need to … Read More

8 Success-Killing Ideas to Banish from Your Thoughts

Building your credibility and positioning yourself as a successful professional requires more than just industry knowledge. Your presentation plays a significant role in how your colleagues, clients, employees, and prospects regard you. While they may be viewed as harmless, some common phrases may be standing in your way of being accepted as a competent expert in your field. Here are the 8 most common phrases you should avoid in both professional and personal conversations: I’ll Try – This little phrase … Read More

Overcoming Your Limitations: 6 Tips for Conquering Fear and Uncertainty

There are two reasons a capable businessperson doesn’t achieve his or her potential: they didn’t learn the necessary skills or they convinced themselves it wasn’t possible. As humans, we have an endless capacity for telling stories, and the greatest stories we experience are the ones we tell ourselves about ourselves. You have a greater potential for success than you’ll ever know. The only limits in this life are the ones you impose upon yourself. Before you begin beating yourself up … Read More

Be Prepared: 5 Steps For Proactive Relationship Building With The Media

Ready or not, here they come. As your business reaches certain levels of success, leveraging the media will inevitably become a key element of your continued success. Whether it’s proactively getting media coverage or dealing with damage control during a crisis, embracing the media and establishing relationships is an important step in your greater strategic plan. Between constantly moving Twitter feeds and the 24-hour news cycle, the news moves quickly and things can become viral quick. When businesses find that … Read More

Employee Retention or Turn-Over: The Impact of Your Management Decisions

As a manager, you work hard to develop a well-trained team that you can depend on. You ensure they have the skills necessary to succeed, and you lead your team towards record-breaking performance. But if morale seems to hover just above lukewarm and good employees have handed in their resignations more often than normal, it may be time to look at some of the most common mistakes being made by otherwise successful companies.   Is The Workload Balanced or Are … Read More

Developing Leadership From Within: Leveraging Your Strategic Staff Plan

Many business owners and HR departments spend a great deal of energy attracting and hiring talented team members. The challenge can be even greater when the goal is to hire stellar managers. What many organizations fail to realize is that each company’s current workforce is filled with individuals who could be the next leaders, if they are properly developed. Here are the top four steps your organization can take to establish a strategic staff plan that addresses your future needs. … Read More

Overcoming Your Slow Season: 5 Proactive Tips for Staying Motivated

For many businesses across the country, the summertime marks a slower pace for business. While this can be challenging for your business’s bottom line, it can also be very challenging to keep your employees motivated and productive. Make the most of your company’s downtime by thinking outside the box and establishing some proactive planning for the busier periods. Produce Your Most Creative Work During the busy periods, your business needs to complete work as efficiently as possible, while retaining a … Read More

5 Must-Have Leadership Skills for Entrepreneurs

Nearly every professional has sat at his or her desk and dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, but taking the leap and finding success requires a specific set of leadership skills. Whether you are planning on exploring entrepreneurship or you already own your own business, understanding these five skills and objectively considering the areas that you need to develop will set you on the path to success. Compelling Vision Aside from having a great product or service to offer, an entrepreneur … Read More

Improve Your Verbal Communication Skills: 8 Tips You Can Use Today

Business is built around relationships, and relationships are nurtured through good communication. While that communication can take so many forms in our digital age, stellar verbal communication skills remain the most important tool for building trust, conveying competence, and commanding respect. Regardless of whether you’re communicating with clients, vendors, or potential investors, your verbal communication skills play an essential role in the outcome of the conversation. It’s not just about what you are saying, but how you are saying it. … Read More

Business Training and the CEO: Where the Line Should Meet

Every organization has an opportunity to create productive employees who can drive the success of the business. While some businesses may simply stumble upon these perfectly suited staff members, the majority of organizations need to take the time to develop their employees’ skills and talents with business training. Training within an organization shouldn’t stop after an employee’s first 90 days, and training sessions shouldn’t solely be an interaction between facilitators, mid-level managers, and staff members. Truly successful training programs are … Read More

How Human Resources Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Most profitable companies point to the proper management of their human resources (HR) when discussing the secret to their success. Strategic HR objectives and goals that tightly align with company goals are those that support organizational objectives such as profitability, business reputation, and principle values. Human Resources isn’t just a place to go when troubles arise, it is a vital department within companies that is often underutilized. Human Resources can, and should, be aligned with the strategic plan of a … Read More

Personal Development Can Help You Reach Professional Goals

If you are positioning yourself for a seat in the boardroom rather than your cubicle, you’d be well served to begin by looking in the mirror. Personal development is about investing in yourself so that you can better manage yourself in an effective manner regardless of what obstacles stand before you. The majority of people, who actively seek to develop themselves, whether it’s through developing a new skill, or reading more often, can benefit from the long-term benefits. Making a … Read More

5 Habits of Successful Executives and Why They Matter

What makes an executive successful? This question is top-of-mind for every mid-level manager with visions of the C-suite in their future. As it turns out, the daily habits of executives are reflective of their success. By mimicking these behaviors, aspiring executives can pave the path to the job they hope for. They get up early  There is something about those quiet, still moments in the morning that allows leaders to identify their priorities – both daily and long-term. Executives from … Read More

Training Millennials To Be Executive Leaders

In 2015 millennials surpassed Gen Xers as the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, meaning the future leaders of America are already in the workforce. Millennials, defined as the generation born between 1982 and 2000, will move into leadership roles in ways that are much different in previous generations. The challenge for current executives and business leaders is to prepare and the next generation of executive leaders. Millennial values are different While hard skills are important qualities in leadership … Read More