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Effective communication transcends every aspect of our business and personal lives. What you are able to accomplish as a business person, parent, friend, educator, customer, client or supplier is highly dependent on your ability to get the message across.

Why Should I Use Digital Marketing?…It’s More Than a Webpage and E-mail!

Digital Marketing…. We hear a lot of chatter about it and why it’s important. If you own your own business and are over the age of 40, the concept might sound both foreign and scary to you. What is it? How does it work? How can I use it? Who does it reach? You may be tempted to dismiss this as another Millennial fad but it’s not. As technology continues to impact on how and where we do business as … Read More

Prepare Your Brand For Sale

The day is finally here! The decision is made. You are going to put the business up for sale. Getting to this point required careful thought and was not an easy decision. However, now comes the hard part — how can you prepare the business for sale. One consideration for the sale of a business should be the brand. You spend 30 years pulling this business together and you would think that the brand is properly established. Why would we … Read More