Prepare Your Brand For Sale

The day is finally here! The decision is made. You are going to put the business up for sale. Getting to this point required careful thought and was not an easy decision. However, now comes the hard part — how can you prepare the business for sale. One consideration for the sale of a business should be the brand. You spend 30 years pulling this business together and you would think that the brand is properly established. Why would we … Read More

Why You Should Become a Business Coach

Company layoffs and early retirement packages are sometimes beyond your control, however, the next step is always in your hands. You could travel the world, move out of town, or you could share your years of experience with other business owners who need your help. Business coaches are in demand for a number of reasons; some entrepreneurs are so engrossed in their businesses that they can’t find time for their personal lives. They need help extracting themselves from their companies. … Read More

Building a High-Value Business to Support a Successful Exit Strategy

While you may not think about it until retirement begins to appear on the horizon, the value of your business plays a major role in your exit strategy. How you develop and position your company now will be an integral factor in the variety of options available to you when the time comes to step out of your leadership role. To maximize your exit strategy options, consider these business elements sooner rather than later. Reoccurring Revenue Whether we’re talking about … Read More