Why Should I Use Digital Marketing?…It’s More Than a Webpage and E-mail!

Digital Marketing…. We hear a lot of chatter about it and why it’s important. If you own your own business and are over the age of 40, the concept might sound both foreign and scary to you. What is it? How does it work? How can I use it? Who does it reach? You may be tempted to dismiss this as another Millennial fad but it’s not. As technology continues to impact on how and where we do business as … Read More

The Law of Reciprocity

  Recently, I was asked by a very good client to speak to our networking group about “The Law of Reciprocity”. Brian Tracy defines this law simply as…”If you do something nice for me, I’ll do something nice for you. I feel obligated to reciprocate”. Some people believe that this is possibly the most important law of human nature. It forms the basis to solid relationships and it is the fundamental bedrock of any effective networking group.   Consider the … Read More

How to Encourage Teamwork to Increase Efficiency in Your Business

A football team is comprised of linebackers, receivers, guards and a quarterback. Despite their title, the players work together to meet one common goal—to score a touchdown. Your business can work according to the same dynamic. Encouraging teamwork throughout your business builds trust, stimulates creativity and improves efficiency. If two heads are better than one, think of what a team of five could conjure up during a quick brainstorming session. Use these methods to help your employees collaborate effectively, so … Read More

Understanding the Benefits: The Importance of Business Training Initiatives

Business training is a broad term that can cover a wide range of topics. Some training sessions take a couple of hours in a workshop setting, while others take several days as a seminar. Regardless of the format, business trainings that are tailored to your needs can launch your business to new heights. Some business owners are concerned about the cost of training seminars or the momentary delay on project deadlines, but the benefits of these sessions pay for themselves. … Read More

Improve Your Verbal Communication Skills: 8 Tips You Can Use Today

Business is built around relationships, and relationships are nurtured through good communication. While that communication can take so many forms in our digital age, stellar verbal communication skills remain the most important tool for building trust, conveying competence, and commanding respect. Regardless of whether you’re communicating with clients, vendors, or potential investors, your verbal communication skills play an essential role in the outcome of the conversation. It’s not just about what you are saying, but how you are saying it. … Read More

Business Training and the CEO: Where the Line Should Meet

Every organization has an opportunity to create productive employees who can drive the success of the business. While some businesses may simply stumble upon these perfectly suited staff members, the majority of organizations need to take the time to develop their employees’ skills and talents with business training. Training within an organization shouldn’t stop after an employee’s first 90 days, and training sessions shouldn’t solely be an interaction between facilitators, mid-level managers, and staff members. Truly successful training programs are … Read More