Developing Leadership From Within: Leveraging Your Strategic Staff Plan

Developing The Next Generation of LeadersMany business owners and HR departments spend a great deal of energy attracting and hiring talented team members. The challenge can be even greater when the goal is to hire stellar managers.

What many organizations fail to realize is that each company’s current workforce is filled with individuals who could be the next leaders, if they are properly developed. Here are the top four steps your organization can take to establish a strategic staff plan that addresses your future needs.

Identify High Potential Employees

Some of the most valuable assets of your company are the talented employees who are already on the payroll. High potential employees are ideal for future leadership positions because their managers already know their strengths and weaknesses, and the employee already knows whether he or she is a cultural fit with your company. There is no mystery.

The challenge is to identify those employees. Using powerful analytic tools administered by one of the FocalPoint of New Jersey Certified Coaches, business owners can strategically sort through their base of employees to find those who have a specific skill set or personality trait. In short, business owners can use tangible data to find the highest potential employees.

Provide Professional Development Opportunities

Many business owners mistakenly believe that their employees will learn everything they need while on the job.   However, competence in areas such as time management, superior selling, and effective communication is developed through targeted training and development. Even more important, all of these skills are essential for your employees to learn before they launch into leadership roles within your company.

Professional development programs can take many different forms. From full-day workshops to targeted bite-sized sessions, the money you spend on professional development for your staff is truly an investment in the future of your company.

Establish Targeted Training Programs

Companies have an opportunity to create a workforce of talented and productive employees who can drive the success of the business. Well-trained employees are more likely to be on the cutting edge of your industry’s latest technologies or techniques, and they are better able to identify internal inefficiencies that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Training within an organization should not stop after a new employee’s initial onboarding period. Instead, CEOs and business owners should create a learning environment, where teams are continually growing in their expertise and skills.

Successful training programs are strategically planned with the assistance of senior leadership and an experienced facilitator who can custom tailor programs to fit the needs with each of your teams.

Know Your Employees’ Goals

Perhaps most importantly, a business owner or CEO’s ability to develop leadership from within an organization is largely dependent on his or her knowledge of the current employees on the payroll. By understanding the goals of your highest potential team members, you can connect them with the proper mentors who can help guide their development. Additionally, by understanding the interests of all your staff members, you can help create a workforce of individuals who are better suited for their roles and happier with their everyday duties.

Hire Experts Who Know How To Help

At FocalPoint Business Coaching of New Jersey, our coaches specialize in helping our clients attract, develop, and maintain the most productive workforce possible. From administering science-based assessments to establishing tailored training programs, your FocalPoint Business Coach is ready to help you develop a strategic staff plan. Get started today with a free 30-minute consultation.

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