Employee Retention or Turn-Over: The Impact of Your Management Decisions

Good Managers Making Great Decisions- Maintaining A Healthy WorkforceAs a manager, you work hard to develop a well-trained team that you can depend on. You ensure they have the skills necessary to succeed, and you lead your team towards record-breaking performance. But if morale seems to hover just above lukewarm and good employees have handed in their resignations more often than normal, it may be time to look at some of the most common mistakes being made by otherwise successful companies.


Is The Workload Balanced or Are Employees Overworked?

Being overworked is a driving force for systemic unhappiness. Many employees will continue on without much complaint, but then suddenly hit a wall (so to speak) and quit. According to a recent study at Stanford University, productivity decreases so substantially after 55 hours that little or no extra work gets completed on average. Even prior to that point, the decrease that happens after a 50-hour workweek is so substantial that employees and employers should reconsider whether it’s doing more harm than good.

Are the Hardworking Employees Recognized or Not?

As simple as it sounds, recognition and reward goes a long way for boosting morale and maintaining a content workforce. Especially for employees who put in the extra effort and stand out above their colleagues, acknowledgment (or lack there of) may be one of the top factors for how they feel about their jobs.

Does Management Do What They Say They’ll Do or Are They Unpredictable?

Managers expect employees to create consistent work, show up on time, meet deadlines, communicate properly with clients, file the proper paperwork for time off requests, etc. In turn, managers should hold themselves accountable to their own commitments. Nothing turns off a good employee more than recognizing a double standard.

Are the Right People Being Promoted or Are The Best Employees Being Passed Up?

Most often, good employees are driven by their desire to continue to grow and move up in the company. When hardworking employees continually see their less dedicated counterparts being promoted while they are still stuck in the trenches, it inevitably leads them to question whether they are wasting their energy.

Is Creativity and Passion Encouraged or Discouraged?

Good employees get their job done well; great employees are innovative. By encouraging creativity in the workplace, your best employees get the opportunity to leverage their passion to create their best work. For companies that find this out-of-the-box thinking threatening, they will often discover that the best employees simply don’t last.

Your great employees are your best assets. Not only are passionate employees more likely to be top producers and role models within your company, they also provide a foundation of talent that you can develop as the future leaders of the company. Therefore, it’s essential to learn how to attract, train, and maintain them.

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