how to encourage a coaching mindset

Do You Have a Coaching Mindset?

How do you access the untapped potential in your teams? Do your employees identify the problems but lack the conviction to follow through on a solution? Do your leaders often jump-in quickly to find solutions, but then find out later that there was no team buy-in? If you could make a change in culture today to accelerate innovation and creativity, would you make the commitment?

The questions offered above describe a culture embedded in today’s businesses known as the problem solving mindset. What is the problem solving mindset? In short, it is when leaders focus on solving the company challenges, themselves. Your leaders do not embrace the idea of unleashing the untapped potential of team members to overcome obstacles.

What are Disadvantages of the Problem Solving Mindset

First, let’s acknowledge that there are clear advantages to leaders that can quickly solve problems. Organizations see quick decisions. Team members have no stress because they know there leaders are making all the tough calls. Certainly there is less conflict because no one is questioning the direction.

However, we need to see the flip side of the problem solving mindset. The first thought that comes to mind is team growth. If the leader is constantly answering all of the challenges, then the team will not feel empowered to find the answers for themselves. Over time this could lead to lower job satisfaction, resentment, and even to a desire to leave the team or company. Leaders with this mindset do not encourage their employees to innovate and create solutions for the organization.

So what needs to change? If a problem solving mindset is not the solution, what can a leader do? 

Encourage a Coaching Mindset

What is a coaching mindset? More importantly, how can you use a coaching mindset to change culture and create high performance teams?

coaching mindset encourages leaders to always look to unlock the untapped potential within their teams. They create an environment that encourages curiosity and creativity. You will see leaders constantly questioning their team members on the proper course to achieve a given goal. The coaching mindset explores multiple solutions to a given problem. It allows team members to test for the right course of action.

We have all heard that the “Number one job of a leader is…..what? ANSWER: To grow new leaders.” The coaching mindset nurtures the leadership potential within team members. Employees feel emboldened to explore opportunities. When the manager leaves for an extended vacation, a coaching mindset can ensure a culture whereby the daily challenges are addressed by the team. No longer will you need to return to the office and “fix” everything that went on while you were away.

What’s Next

If this describes your teams, then take steps to help transform your leaders. Show them how to coach their teams to deliver better results with a proven system. Finally, let me ask the question I proposed at the beginning: “If you could make a change in culture today to accelerate innovation and creativity, would you make the commitment?”

If the above discussion is important to you, then receive your “Business Growth Score” to find out the areas where your teams can focus for real growth.

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Garrett Grega is a FocalPoint Certified Executive Coach with FocalPoint Business Coaching in Branchburg, New Jersey, where he specializes in reconnecting executives, business owners, and managers with their business passions! Garrett has his own passion for transforming high potential employees into perennial all-stars.  He has 20+ years helping international companies launch new products and processes. He previously spent 8 years launching LED lighting products for various lighting companies.  His professional experience includes: strategic planning, business development, marketing, and product development.  He can be reached at  See more at

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