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What is the
Entrepreneurial Growth Course?

Designed for the business owner or service provider, in need of a business model that grows your customer base, increases your bottom-line, reduces your stress and provides a path for your future.  

Proven Concepts and
Methods for Dynamic and Sustained Growth

The Entrepreneurial Growth Course was designed to equip business owners and self-employed professionals with powerful business tools, methods, skills & knowledge that will enable them to dramatically grow their business at an accelerated pace.  Based on proven strategies and tactics derived from thousands of successful businesses, this 8 session course creates clarity, competence, and an entrepreneurial mindset to achieve success.

Program Highlights

Behavioral Styles & Communication

Begin with a personal coaching session that identifies and leverages your behavioral and communication strengths.

Build a Successful Strategic Plan

Develop a “Real” Plan that you will actually use, share with others, and drive your daily activities.

Performance Metrics

Develop key performance Indicators and track them in a dashboard to stay focused & motivated.

More of your

Define your Ideal Customer & their psychographic profile. Learn to “Let them buy” from you.

Create a Dynamic & Practical Marketing Plan

Learn how to create awareness about your products & services and get your products & services in front of the right people.

Develop an “Entrepreneurial Mindset”

Set Realistic, Achievable Goals. Start working “On” your business and not always “In” your business.
About Focal Point Coaching
and Nick Mariniello

Let’s face it: The success of your business has a dramatic impact on the quality of your life. We all want to reach new levels but how do you do that without needing to work longer hours, spend ridiculous sums of money, or morph into social media experts? It’s easy to say “Work smarter, not harder.” But how? That is exactly what Nick Mariniello helps his clients do.

Nick does this through a very structured process that gets results. It was developed in part from his 30+ years of entrepreneurship and in part from the teachings and best practices of some of the world’s best business & personal development experts that include Brian Tracy, Steven Covey, Jim Collins, Simon Sinek, and others.

Working together with Nick, you will improve your productivity, profitability, and quality of life by making incremental changes to key areas of your business which will also reduce your stress and create balance. His programs have worked for hundreds of businesses and they can work for you if you are willing to make some changes. Nick would welcome the opportunity to explore your challenges and discuss solutions.

Course Details

When Is It?

Sept. 10th – Nov. 12th, 2019
8:30am -10:30am
8 sessions over 10 weeks

Where Is It?

The Tetherview Conference Facilities
at Russell Hall – Fort Monmouth.

How Much Is It?

3 monthly payments of $597
or one-time payment of $1500

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