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Maximize your business by partnering with a Certified FocalPoint Business Coach, and begin to enjoy a wide range of benefits, including clarity, effectiveness, growth, sales, and leadership. Read more to see what the New Jersey Branch has to offer.

The challenges that we face today, in every aspect of our business lives, seem to grow exponentially. The rate of change is accelerating and the breadth of knowledge required to succeed can appear overwhelming. However, applying a simple, yet incredibly powerful concept that has been around for many years is still the most effective way of growing your business.

It’s called “Learning from the Experts.” If you want to be successful at anything, find out what other successful people have done and do the same thing.


FocalPoint Business Coaching is powered by founder Brian Tracy. Brian Tracy and partner Campbell Fraser have adapted the “very best of” Brian’s entrepreneurial and professional development learning’s and strategy into the FocalPoint coaching and training process. This allows business owners, leaders and their teams to effectively leverage Brian’s business building tools, systems and methodology for maximum benefit through FocalPoint’s over 200 business coaches and trainers.

Our Mission & Vision

At FocalPoint Business Coaching, we believe in capitalism and the benefits that accrue to society through prosperous and responsible companies. 

We believe that small and mid-size businesses are the foundation of strong local communities and that the owners of those businesses, along with their teams, are entitled to truly reap the fruits of their labor and live the quality lives they deserve.

It is our mission to enhance the profitability of those businesses so as to positively impact the lives of our clients, their families, and their communities.  We like to think of ourselves as the “Pebble on the Pond”, creating an impact that ripples out and fosters positive results in all directions.

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All of our FocalPoint business coaches and trainers have many years of business experience and are certified to teach these time tested methods through either individual or group sessions. In individual coaching sessions, professionals meet one-on-one with their coach to define goals, identify strategies for achieving those goals, and learn the skills necessary to grow their business and advance their careers. In group coaching sessions, content is tailored for the needs of the group. Topics can include issues relating to strategic planning, time management, leadership, succession planning, change management, employee engagement, sales skills, or client acquisition. Our certified business coaches empower clients to achieve the results that they need. Whether it is to bring home more money, have more free time, or improve the efficiency of staff, our business coaches have the expertise and tools to bring your business to the next level.

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