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“I reconnect people with their passion for business!  I help people achieve financial freedom through proper exit and transition strategies.”

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When to Prepare a Business for Sale

Do you run your own business and think about retiring? If you were to leave your business tomorrow, could your management team continue without you? What constraints are preventing you from listing your business for sale today? Are you aware of the key drivers that will affect your business’s valuation? What type of sale is best for your business?

If the questions above keep you up at night, then come to our seminar.

Unlocking Growth:

Finding More Time More Fun and More Money!

Do you run your own business and wonder how to achieve your next growth cycle? If you were to ask your management team, could they unlock your business’ potential? Have you considered what actions you need to take in your own personal growth? What constraints are holding you back? If you were to identify one goal to define your actions over the next year, what would it be?

If the questions above keep you up at night, then come to our seminar.

About Garrett

Garrett Grega provides a unique blend of skills, knowledge, and expertise to business coaching and corporate training. He is a proven product marketer with
over 20 years of experience in launching innovative products and building teams for Fortune 500 companies.

Today, he combines his experience with the proven methods of FocalPoint Coaching to assist executives, business owners, and managers in reconnecting with their business passions! By designing a customized program to improve business performance, together, we will find incremental improvements in Time management, Team building, Sales Strategy, Cost Optimization, and Future Planning. The program will also prepare a company for a profitable Exit Strategy as you plan for your next great idea.

As an effective project leader, Garrett focuses his efforts on the critical constraints that drive business performance. He believes in empowering people to overcome business obstacles. He values product/process innovation to expand sales and enrich marketing. By working smarter…not harder…we can achieve
our dreams and goals!

Areas of Focus

  • Leadership Development
  • Corporate Training
  • Business Coaching
  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Group Coaching
  • Performance and Sales Management Coaching

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