How to Earn Your Employee’s Trust

business team working office worker conceptYou put a lot of trust in your employees to produce quality work for your company, but do they trust you? When your employees feel that they have your faith and loyalty, they will give their best efforts to get the job done. Employee trust in management can greatly improve productivity, employee engagement, and employee retention. Here are a few ways you can build a foundation of trust between you and your employees.


Communicate Openly

When communicating with your employees, it’s best to be straightforward with them. Respectfully clarify the severity of any situation and work together to rectify any mistake that has been made. When informing your team of company changes or updates, try not to use managerial jargon or clichés. You don’t want to make employees feel as if you’re hiding anything behind complicated language. Communicating effectively can not only build trust but, also improve motivation and spark creativity amongst your team.


Listen Effectively

There are some bosses who have a lot to say about the work they want to be done but don’t give their employees an opportunity to speak. The communication between you and your employees should be a dialogue. Once you give them the floor to speak their minds, this will help them feel comfortable enough to share any concerns or questions they may have about work. You may even get feedback or suggestions that could benefit the company’s progress.


Host One on One Meetings

This is a time that you can show interest in your employees’ success. Use these meetings to not only give feedback on their performance but to also provide support. Check on the progress of their professional goals and ask how things are going with their assigned work. If they aren’t hitting their goals, ask why and what you can do to provide assistance.


Employees care more about the company and completing quality work when they know leadership cares as well. An employee that feels valued makes an emotional connection with your company and will put their heart and mind into their work.


When your employees succeed, you succeed. If you’re looking for more advice on how to keep your employees happy and motivated, visit our blog.


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