How to Stay Motivated as the Key Player of Your Company

screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-9-28-53-amWe all know that motivation plays a key role in the workplace, whether you have an entry-level position, have logged multiple years at a company, or are the owner. If you’re at the top of your company, it is important that you can not only motivate yourself but also that you can inspire your employees.

With countless tasks at work, it may be easy to disregard the little moments you need to nurture your own well-being and self-motivation. The following tips will help you stay motivated each and every day:

Take time for yourself in the morning

No one wants to get up early, not to mention any earlier then they have to. However, it is best to give yourself a little extra time in the morning. Often, if you aren’t in a hurry, you are less likely to forget something or feel flustered the first hour of work. Whatever makes you feel best in the morning – exercise, taking time to read a book and drink your coffee, or calling a family member – set aide the time for it. If you are able to focus on yourself before work in the morning, you will be ready to complete work tasks with extra drive.

Spend time with your employees

Your employees know you are the boss, but it is important to bring that relationship down to a more relatable level. Grab a different co-worker to join you for lunch every week or offer to go and grab an afternoon coffee with someone you haven’t spent a lot of time with. Whatever it is, push the limits of strictly being a boss and try to be a resource and friend, too. This will motivate you to not only grow your company but to grow personally as well.

Re-energize and reflect

Have you ever taken the day off and felt like a brand new person? Perhaps you took a moment away from the day-to-day motions of work and it left you with a new burst of energy. Make sure you apply this to your everyday life, whether it is cutting yourself off from your work email after a certain time or setting goals for how much you want to sleep every night. At the end of the week, reflect back on the work you and your employees did and note what needs to be adjusted the following week.

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