Leadership: Do you have what it takes?

Get to know the 7 C’s of Leadership

There are leaders everywhere, in every walk of life. Some are high profile and some working quietly behind the scenes. Some shine during times of success and others in the face of adversity. Some are effective and some are not. Brian Tracy introduced the 7 C’s of Leadership many years ago. They hold as true today as they did back then. Leadership is a choice…


Here are the 7 C’s of Leadership…how do these apply to you?

  1. Clarity
  2. Competence
  3. Continuous Learning
  4. Constraint Analysis
  5. Creativity
  6. Concentration
  7. Courage

Clarity: Anything, the more clearly defined, the more effectively and faster achieved.

Know Yourself: What are you good at, what do you like to do, how do you like to work?

Know Your Team: What are their strengths, what are their challenges, what are their expectations?

Know Your Business: What are you selling, what do you do really well, why would someone want you?

Know Your Audience: Who is your customer, what do they need, what do they want, why?

Competence: Be really good at what you do.

Doing what you are good at and what makes you happy=success.

Continuous Learning: Commit to ongoing learning.

You can never know everything.

Read, listen and attend, to get all the insights and information possible.

Embrace a trusted advisor.

Constraint Analysis: Understand what is in the way between you and your goal.

20% of constraints are external.

80% of constraints are internal.

How are you addressing the internal constraints you can control?

Creativity: Exactly what you want is out there, you just need to find it.

Be open. Ask.

See what others do not see.

Create opportunities out of (what appears to be) nothing.

Concentration: Focus single mindedly on 1 thing at a time.

Multitasking is neither effective nor efficient.

1 minute in planning saves 10 minutes in execution.

Courage: Do what you’re terrified of doing.

Self-confidence comes from action in the face of fear.

If you wait to feel good or unafraid you may never do it.

Hang in there 5 minutes longer and you can make it happen.

There is one additional aspect of leadership that ties all of the 7 C’s together, and that is attitude. What you think about, day after day, becomes reality. You have the choice, as a leader, to take things head on or walk away. What will your choice be?

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