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About Matt Wizeman

Matt Wizeman is a Certified Business Leadership Coach with more than 20 years of experience delivering transformational change leadership initiatives in various high-tech industries including – semiconductor processing, robotics, and imaging systems.

Early in his career, Matt developed his talent for architecting comprehensive business improvement initiatives as the manufacturing lead at Advanced Metrology Systems (now Semilab AMS). As the company gained a foothold in the competitive semiconductor processing equipment industry, Matt recognized the substantial gap between existing manufacturing capabilities and the needs of the world’s top chip manufacturers. From this, he developed and deployed a plan to close that gap by engaging the resources of both the supply chain and product development groups. By rallying all stakeholders around a vision of a business capable of consistently delivering worldclass products to its customers, Matt’s efforts received support across all business functions and was a tremendous success. Matt continued to leverage his change leadership skills in his career as the head of the Princeton, NJ program management office for United Technologies Corporation (now RTX Corporation). By understanding the needs of all stakeholders – from customers to employees to senior leadership – the program management team was able to substantially improve program performance metrics under Matt’s leadership.

After working in both startups and large global corporations, Matt joined the team at Focal Point. His passion for bringing a vision of the future to reality for small businesses and large corporate entities provides Matt with great personal and professional satisfaction. He strongly believes that no one’s business should be a burden, and that all entrepreneurs can achieve their business goals and aspirations.

Matt holds a Master of Business Administration, General Management degree from Bentley University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University. He is also a certified Project Management Professional (Project Management Institute) and a Certified Supply Chain Professional (Association for Supply Chain Management). Matt is active in his son’s Boy Scout troop as an Assistant Scout Master, enjoys mountain biking, cars of all types, and hiking.

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