3 Necessary Skills You Need To Succeed In The C-Suite

At the highest levels of the top organizations around the world, there are C-Suite executives charged with moving companies forward to greater success. In order to accomplish that, C-Suite executives must be adept at selling ideas, gaining acceptance of their strategic plans and shaping policy. They must do this while winning buy-in from senior management, the board, and their colleagues.

board roomThe ability to establish buy-in can mean the difference between continuous growth and stagnation. In order to push a company forward, executives must possess certain characteristics and skills. Let’s take a closer look at the three of the most important skills for a C-Suite executive.


In most cases, people who want and need to influence others need to change their perspective. People don’t like to be persuaded; they want to be heard. It’s not about what the executive wants it’s about what those he or she is trying to persuade wants. In order to be persuasive, executives need to know about the people they’re trying to persuade. In other words, executives need to make an effort to build relationships with people before they need them on their side. Effective executives are adept at speaking clearly and concisely to all levels of an organization while focusing on their listeners, not on themselves.


Leadership is widely considered a combination of skills that people possess. For executives, it will have been demonstrated by effectively meeting business goals through upwardly progressing management positions. Cultural conviction is demonstrated, not talked about. When employees see executives demonstrate the attitudes and behaviors that reflect the company’s culture, it gives them a sense of relief and someone to believe in. Empowering employees to rise to the challenge of difficult projects and tasks not only takes courage on behalf of an executive, it also shows great leadership because they are pushing employees to personal and professional growth.

Strategic Thinking

C-Suite executives set the strategic direction of corporations and those that do it well are rewarded. The ability to foresee changes at the periphery and adapt to evolving conditions is imperative. Rather than accepting conventional wisdom, a strategic thinking executive will challenge long-standing assumptions. Strategic thinkers will continually demonstrate the ability to connect multiple data points to make sense of complex situations while engaging stakeholders to create buy-in to ultimately drive the organization forward. Lastly, a strategic executive continuously reflects on successes and failures to improve performance and decision-making in the long-term strategy.

C-Suite executives balance many responsibilities and obligations and having someone on their side to help can be invaluable. If you want to discuss how FocalPoint Business Coaching of New Jersey can help you improve your performance in the C-Suite, contact us for a free consultation.

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