Overcoming Your Limitations: 6 Tips for Conquering Fear and Uncertainty

conference training planning learning coaching business conceptThere are two reasons a capable businessperson doesn’t achieve his or her potential: they didn’t learn the necessary skills or they convinced themselves it wasn’t possible. As humans, we have an endless capacity for telling stories, and the greatest stories we experience are the ones we tell ourselves about ourselves.

You have a greater potential for success than you’ll ever know. The only limits in this life are the ones you impose upon yourself.

Before you begin beating yourself up over the missed opportunities of your past, understand that this isn’t something that is unique to you. We all do it, unless we learn to get past it. So, stop standing in your own way, and begin to employ these techniques in your everyday life.

Watch Out for “Them”

Every time you think big, judgmental thoughts that include the silly little word they, stop and take note. Understand that they-statements are likely manufactured beliefs. We reference them all the time when we say things like “they’ll never accept me” or “they’ll hate it.” Zap the power away from them by seeing those statements for exactly what they are – fear manifesting itself in your thoughts.

Assess Your Motivations

Work to understand what drives you and what satisfies you. Whether you leverage professional motivation assessments or simply a good dose of self-reflection, develop your awareness of the things that bring you joy and how you can incorporate them into your professional life.

Find Comfort in the Discomfort

As the phrase goes, “if you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.” Growth is uncomfortable. It’s filled with uncertainty and leaves you vulnerable to failure. But that’s life! That’s what each and every one of us is experiencing. Take comfort in the fact that each time you feel uncomfortable, it means you are one step closer to achieving your goals.

Celebrate the Small Triumphs

Don’t downplay each accomplishment. By taking the time to acknowledge the small triumphs, you build your confidence and incorporate a healthier inner dialog. Each small success pushes your limitations back just a little bit; isn’t that worth celebrating?

Build a Support Network

The truth of the matter is that in a vacuum, we have absolutely no way of knowing what we don’t know. Take the time to develop a network of friends and colleagues that you can use as a sounding board. If you’re in need of more dependable and objective advice, it may be time to leverage the expertise of a professional executive coach.

Get Intimidated

Instead of feeling insecure or inadequate for where you are in your life, surround yourself with people who challenge you and have already achieved what you are working towards presently. Experience how they think, talk, and lead. Without losing your own authenticity, learn from them, and let the healthy dose of intimidation motivate you to keep doing more, learning more, and achieving everything you’ve always wanted.


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