Overcoming Your Slow Season: 5 Proactive Tips for Staying Motivated

Overcoming Your Slow Season- 5 Proactive Tips for Staying MotivatedFor many businesses across the country, the summertime marks a slower pace for business. While this can be challenging for your business’s bottom line, it can also be very challenging to keep your employees motivated and productive. Make the most of your company’s downtime by thinking outside the box and establishing some proactive planning for the busier periods.

Produce Your Most Creative Work

During the busy periods, your business needs to complete work as efficiently as possible, while retaining a high level of quality. This doesn’t leave much room for creativity. Slower periods of time should be used to produce your most creative work. Team members should be encouraged to brainstorm and share ideas. Not only does this ultimately raise the bar for your work year-round, but it also creates a more satisfying work environment.

Invest In Your Team

Most industries have a continual evolution of methods, techniques, or regulations. A slower period of time gives you the opportunity to train your teams, so they are current on the latest and greatest changes and innovations within the industry. It is also the perfect opportunity to offer a professional development series, so you continue to develop the most talented workforce possible. Whether it’s superior selling skills training or time management workshops, slow periods are the best time for investing in your team.

Invest In Your Company

When deadlines are tight and customers are demanding, it can be challenging to find the time to build infrastructure, establish new processes, and strengthen the foundation of the company. Perhaps you want to shake things up by rearranging sales teams or department structures. Maybe there are process inefficiencies you’ve been meaning to address, but couldn’t find the time. Putting in the effort to implement these changes will prepare you for a more productive busy season.

Focus on Business Development

The quieter time of year also gives you the opportunity to take a strategic look at your business development plan. Do you have a strategy in place, or has it been piecemealed together through the years? Focus on creating the plan and the supporting materials you will need, and then go out and begin the process.

Strengthen Current Relationships

Busy times mean you have to focus on getting the work done. Slower times should allow you to take the time to strengthen the relationships you have with your current clients. Ask them about their goals, review the effectiveness of your past year’s efforts, and create a strategic plan for the future. They will be grateful for your proactiveness, and you will be able to develop a cohesive plan long before the stress of the busy time arrives.

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