learn how to tap into your personal energy reservior

Tapping Into Your Personal Energy Reservoir

Have you ever been around someone who exudes an energy that is not only amazing to witness but it is also highly contagious?  They get on a roll and energize their audience which may be 1 person or a conference center of 1000 people.  They capture the moment and get you fired up.  It’s an awesome phenomenon.

What is happening at that time is the person is tapping into their “Personal Energy Reservoir” by drawing upon their “Areas of Excellence” and communicating their passion is such a way that their energy is actually transferred to the audience.  You often hear the phrase, “Find your passion” or “Do what you love, and the money will follow”.  There is much truth in those phrases but often people go about “Finding their passion” in the wrong manner or they don’t where to begin in their search.

So How Do I Tap Into My Personal Energy Reservoir?

The first thing you need to identify is your “Areas of Excellence”.  What activities do you really excel at?  Not, what you are merely good at but what you are really, extraordinary at doing.  You may initially struggle to find the answer to this question, so let me help you.

  • What brings you joy in life?
  • When do you feel really energized?
  • What “turns you on”?
  • Recall times in your life when you were truly excited talking about a particular topic.
  • Relive moments when you noticed that the people around you were engaged and energized by what you were saying or doing.

These are all clues to help you find your “Areas of Excellence”.  You will find that when you are operating within one of your Areas of Excellence, you will have an extraordinary level of energy; Time will fly by, and you will look to continue the activity beyond the time allotted and then again real soon. 

Determine Your Areas of Excellence

Once you find your “Areas of Excellence”, make it your mission to further develop those skills. 

  • Determine what else you need to learn
  • Identify who you need to speak to who may already be a force in this area
  • Learn how you can leverage it this newfound passion.  Who will benefit from what you have to share?  What strategic alliances can you create because of this expertise?

This exercise will be easy because it will be drawing upon your Personal Energy Reservoir which will propel you with clarity of thought and purpose.  Go out and do what you love!  We all have it in us.

A graduate of Rutgers Business School, Nick is a Brian Tracy certified corporate trainer and business coach, a licensed Navigational Conversation program facilitator, and practice mentor. Today, Nick works with entrepreneurs in multiple industries and does executive coaching in the financial services arena. He is also the owner of FocalPoint Business Coaching of New Jersey and is the NJ Area Developer for FocalPoint International. Nick is active in several prominent business associations including the New Jersey Business & Industry Assoc., and serves on the board of the Monmouth-Ocean Development Council. Married for 30 years, Nick and Eileen have two successful boys and split time between their homes in New Jersey and North Carolina. Nick enjoys golf, exercise, and spending time with family. To learn more about Nick or to contact him directly, click here.

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