The 8 Essential Rules of Effective and Ethical Sales

The 8 Essential Rules of Effective and Ethical SalesBusinesses rely on their ability to sell their product or service.  While we’d all love to have a mob of clients pounding at the door, the truth of the matter is that most businesses have to actively sell.

As consumers, we have all had both good and bad experiences with sales tactics during our lifetimes.  Some experiences leave you feeling annoyed, while others prompt excitement to buy.  The difference is rarely the product or service; the difference is in the person selling to you.  To help you build a more effective sales team, we’ve compiled a list of sales tips each of your team members must embrace to find success.

Listen Up

Aside from initial introductions and an explanation of why you are speaking with them, a good salesperson doesn’t talk about themselves or their products/services when first talking with a prospect.  Instead, they focus on listening.  If you’re asked a question at this point, answer it concisely and then move on.

Ask Questions

Before you can ever successfully sell to your prospect, you must know who they are and what they want.  Pretend you’re on a first date, and genuinely become interested in them.  What products/services do they currently use? Are they satisfied? What challenges are they still facing? The answers to each question should guide the conversation, as opposed to a script.

Be Authentic

You should speak to your prospects as you would any colleague.  Your tone should remain conversational without ever flipping into “sales-mode”.  Once a prospect hears a rehearsed sales pitch, they will tune you out.

Hear the “Nonverbals”

Timing is essential in sales.  If your prospect is rushing or sounds annoyed, ask them whether there’s a better time to talk.  If they sound confused, inquire about that.  While the actual percentages are often disputed, a vast majority of our communication happens through tone and nonverbal queues.  Don’t ignore that valuable information.

Assess Then Answer

The most successful salespeople fully assess the conversation that has occurred before ever pitching their product or service.  They’ve identified how their product/service will improve the life of the prospect, and they tailor a pitch for that person.  In addition to customizing the messaging, you also want to be time-conscious.  After all, a 2-hour sales pitch communicates that you value your time over theirs, and that’s certainly not the best way to start a business relationship.

Inquire About Barriers

You’ve spent the time building trust and rapport, and you know that your prospect is interested in what you have to offer.  So, before asking for the sale, talk with them about whether there are barriers standing between their current situation and the adoption of your product or service.  From needing to pass it by another decision maker to not having the proper budget at the moment, there are a wide array of factors that may keep a prospect from being able to say yes.  By identifying those barriers before you ask for the sale, they never have to say no and you can follow up with them later.

Ask for Action

As simple as it sounds, asking for an action is one of the most overlooked steps in the sales process.  We say asking for action instead of asking for the sale because we understand that you now know enough about your prospect to be able to identify what they should do next.  Whether you are scheduling another call next week or running their credit cards, every call should end with a specific call to action.

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