Why Should I Use Digital Marketing?…It’s More Than a Webpage and E-mail!

Digital Marketing…. We hear a lot of chatter about it and why it’s important. If you own your own business and are over the age of 40, the concept might sound both foreign and scary to you. What is it? How does it work? How can I use it? Who does it reach?

You may be tempted to dismiss this as another Millennial fad but it’s not. As technology continues to impact on how and where we do business as well as how we reach out to and engage our customers, you will find that it’s necessary to consider digital marketing as part of your overall strategy.

You might think that you’re in a business where digital marketing isn’t applicable. For example:


“I’m in construction. My clients refer me. I have a web page and a Facebook page. I advertise locally. Why would I need digital marketing?”

–Joe Jablonski, Bang-up Job Construction & Re-Modelling (fictional)


Let’s start with the basics…as in what is digital marketing?

In general terms, digital marketing is the part of your marketing that deals with your on-line efforts. So, if you have a web page and a Facebook page, you may think you’re off to a good start. Maybe you are…..or maybe not.

Think about this….when was the last time you added content to your web page? When was the last time your web page was updated? How do you utilize your Facebook page or is it simply an alternative to your web page? When was your Facebook page last updated?

Since people spend 2x as much time on-line today as they did 10 years ago, it’s important for you to be there. Marketing is all about connecting with your audience….with your customers!

What have you really done with your business’s Facebook page or web page? Do you share relevant content to attract customers? Digital marketing is about MORE than just having a web-page or having a Facebook page! It’s about e-mail, social media, on-line brochures, Google search, search engine optimization (SEO), mobile presence and an up to date website that helps you connect with a much broader universe of potential customers.

Maybe you think that your website/Facebook drives enough business to you. Wouldn’t you like to have more? It’s not just about reaching more potential customers, it’s about reaching the correct potential customers.

Let’s use Joe Jablonski as an example. Joe is in construction but would really like to reach high end clients in New York and New Jersey. But how can Joe find them?

In 2016, the top 5 channels for marketing by spend were e-mail, social, on-line display, mobile and search. Is Joe utilizing any of these channels to engage potential clients?

  • If Joe had a social media plan, he could target those specific demographics. Of course, he would need to define what he considers “high end clients” to really reach his desired targets.
  • If Joe used digital display ads it could help him find clients that are specifically looking for his type of business.
  • If Joe was optimized for mobile, his website would reach more users that work on phones and pads versus traditional laptops or desktops (56 percent of traffic to the leading websites comes from mobile devices).
  • If Joe utilized e-mail, he could be both an influencer (by writing brief articles on topics that his customers would find interesting, such as design trends) and seeking new ones through a planned email marketing campaign.
  • Using these strategies, Joe would create a brand that would resonate with potential customers and make him stand out from other contractors.


Much of my marketing strategy is done through e-mail marketing and the use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to reach potential clients. But posting to each of those pages can be time-consuming and you also want to be sure to get the credit you’ve worked for.

We all want our customers and Facebook friends to “Like” our page. Here is an easy tool to make sure you have reached out to all of them. I use an app called InviteAllFriendsFacebook2017. It’s an extension that can be added to Chrome. If you use it regularly, you can be sure to get more Likes on your page. Here is the link to a brief YouTube presentation that shows how easy it is to install and use.

I frequently read articles that I want to share with others. To avoid spending all day going from site to site posting this same article repeatedly, I get more done using an app called Sniply. Sniply allows you to quickly share an article from one location on different platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Hootsuite, Twitter and Google Plus). Anyone clicking on your links will see the article along with your “call to action” which could be (for example) a link to your site for more information. It also allows you to monitor how your audience is engaging with your shared links.

Do they work? I would say yes! Since I started using these tools, I have increased the “likes” on my Facebook page and have increased the number of followers on both LinkedIn and Twitter, my 3 social media targets. There is a dashboard on Sniply that gives me data on engagement on the articles I share, including the increase in clicks on my business’s website.

Don’t be afraid of digital marketing. You don’t have to be a Millennial to use it or understand it. Think of it as another tool in the arsenal to build exposure for your business and reach new customers. It’s not as difficult as you think.

Sniply website: https://snip.ly/

Invite All Facebook Friends 2017: Download Chrome Extension

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