Why Communication Plays a Crucial Role in the Workplace

communicationEffective communication is an important factor in all of the basic functions of management. Communication allows managers to perform their jobs and help others perform theirs. It serves as a foundation for the many planning processes that happen in a business on a day-to-day basis. To run a business successfully, managers must be able to effectively communicate with their team to help achieve the company’s goals.

Here are 3 ways that communication plays a major role in your business:


Communication improves motivation

Communication promotes motivation by not only informing employees about the task at hand, but also clarifying how it should be done. This allows employees to improve their work if it is not up to standard. A good manager can communicate feedback to others about the work they are completing and that plays a crucial role in the function of the business as a whole.


Communication affects attitudes

Communication – good or bad – can alter an employee’s attitude. For example, if an employee is well informed, they will most likely have a better attitude than an employee who is not well informed. By communicating the correct information in a timely manner, employees will have time to process the information and adapt properly. After all, the way information is shared and how and when it is communicated plays a role in an employee’s response.


Communication allows creativity

With multiple people contributing to one business, communication is what allows everyone to share their opinions, viewpoints, and expertise. Communication, when matched with collaboration, allows for the very best work to come forward. A team of people can brainstorm ideas more effectively than a single person trying to come up with things by themself. Effective communication among employees is essential for a thriving business.


How does communication flow within your workplace? If you think there is room for improvement when it comes to communication among your team, it may be time to call a business coach.

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