What Will it Take to Close the Gap Between Where a Company is and Where it Wants to Be?


If our people are indeed our businesses’ true performance engine (Paul Kirby, The Bee Book), why is it that Forbes in 2014 reported that, in the vast majority of companies, fully two-thirds of their employees are either unengaged or actively dis-engaged? (The good news: in ‘world-class organizations’, the 2/3-1/3 ratio is reversed).


Or, to quote Jacob Morgan (The Employee Experience Advantage, 2016; The Future of Work, 2014) in his March 2017 HBR piece: “Why are “organizations … spending hundreds of millions of dollars on employee engagement programs, yet their scores on engagement surveys remain abysmally low? … Most initiatives amount to an adrenaline shot. A perk is introduced to boost scores, but over time the effect wears off and scores go back down”. Short term fixes, not long-term solutions.


Let’s take this a little deeper into the bottom line: how much are the dysfunctions, inefficiencies and disengagements of your team actually costing the business? It may not be easy to measure the ROI on building effective teams up, down and across the organization, but aren’t we acutely aware of the real COIs – the “costs of inaction”?


Up and down the ‘silos’, what are the costs of turf wars due to insecurities, or unclear and unaccepted lines of responsibility? The opportunity costs of intra-departmental employees not pulling together in common goals or purpose? People and process inefficiencies?


Across departments: what are the costs of turf wars, lack of action on or acknowledgement of purpose- and goal-driven outputs?


I think the solution lies in applying the same thinking we employ, without question, in the processes that drive our quantative business dashboards and our strategies: our KRAs are put to use in a continuous and evolving paradigm of targets/ goals – action and implementation – response mechanisms, all fed back. What if, on the qualitative side, we had a methodology that enabled us to do the same? How might we calculate ROI on that?


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